the surreal aspect of photography was 'almost happenstance', randy has stated. "merely making images that i wanted to see... it turns out someone else wanted to see them as well."

and someone did.

"i recieved an emai from an english author who was writing a book on surreal imaging. he asked to use three pieces that i had posted in my etcetera gallery on 1220. humorously, a reviewer in the book compared me to rene magritte... that was nice to hear though it struck me as a bit odd"

in every way, that was the impetus for carrying things forward and into what would turn out to be 'the city series'.

a body of work reveals different hues, scope, and directions. 'the city series'  slowly came into focus by way of three distinct themes presented in as many galleries. 

the real - the unreal - the surreal

these galleries are woven together by one recurring character that travels through and around a variety of places, spaces, and times.  he is the man.

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  ▒   curtis reid
  ▒   roelof vanderschaff
  ▒   mike carro
  ▒   james demars
  ▒   john ehlis
  ▒   gina nicole cinardo