The costiof theisite is entirely contingent upon; the size of the site (ie hours to construct and post the site, the number of pages), the setting up of Pay Pal accounts and the like, sizing & adjusting graphics, etc.  A quote can be given after we define what your needs are and what site will best fit those needs.  Fifty percent of the agreed upon price is required prior to work being started.




Of prime importance in regards to time and your web-site!  All pertinent information must be in our hands prior to any work getting started.  Biographical info, verbiage, etc...  must be passed along in as timely a manner as possible.  Also, your web address (domain name) and other details must also be in order prior to us getting started.  If there are special needs, ie; pay pal accounts or shopping carts, that may add a day or so.   That said, and after the preliminaries are taken care of, the normal time frame is ten working days.




After a site is published and ready for viewing, several weeks are required to let the search engine's spiders locate your site and put it into their directory.  We help to assure that your site is found via key-words and meta-tags and will help in submitting your site.




While many things can be done to assure that your site will be picked up by search engines ( meta-tags, key words and the like, )  recent trends are leading towards pay services.  We will, however, do our very best to create your site with the proper verbiage to get your site found.




Simply, it is a personalized internet address,i1220.orgihappens to be ours.  Once purchased, it will be yours as long as you choose to retain it.   The advantage of owning a domain name, other than the fact that it belongs to you, is that it is simpler (our last address was ihttp://treknet.net/~bartok/bartikimages.html for example) and easier to find by search engine's robots and spiders.  Suggestion: Put thought into picking the right name.  Short site names are easier to remember, as are personal names that have a better chance of being unique.  Keep in mind that the spelling of names can create problems as well.  An example would be my last name which is spelled in an odd manner, Luckey.  Few, if any, would get the spelling correct without being told of the odd spelling making it harder to verbally pass the name along.  That would grow tiresome in a rapid manner.




  Absolutely.  Upon considering this, one should be aware of how the customer is to pay (Pay Pal, etc...) taxes, shipping, and most importantly making your product stand out on the landscape that is the internet.    Also, while the com in dot-com stands for commerce, there is also : .biz / business, .tv / television, .org /  organization, net / network...    to choose from.  You may use any one of these as a storefront should you choose to do so.  It would be advised that you do some searches via a search engine or two to look at similar sites as to what you have in mind to see what your competition is doing.




Yes.  Simply be aware oficopyrightilaws and the like.  There's even plenty of freeimusic to be found on the net.   




Yes.  Several options are open to you.  A maintenance plan is available or updates could be done on an 'as need' basis.  The final option would be that you learn to do it yourself.  Some web-sites are fine being static while others will need updating on a regular basis.  We'd be happy to go over each one of your options and arrange what is the best way for you to go.




'To each his own' comes to mind as each has their own version of what is expected from a web-site.   Consider :  bringing awareness of you and/or your product, global access (and the opening of a door to a community), as well as the single most cost-effective storefront one could hope to find.  All are reasonable answers with more than a tinge of truth to them.




The single most often asked question; 'Whyiare you calledi12:20?'  Briefly, the number came as the answer to the question, "What time is it?"  The query was raised over a college jazz band's practice session and was embraced as the name of the combo in a rapid manner.  There were four votes cast before the band's leader, your current host, had a chance to say a word.  Each player apparently feared that I was going to call the band The RandyiLuckeyiQuintet.  For the record, it never would have happened.


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