c a r - k e y f i l m s     t h e      
r a n d y l u c k e y       b a d      
m i k e c a r r o         c l o w n    
  a chance meeting at a bar brings together all of the necessary ingredients for murder as the circus clown with his eye on a beautiful waitress finds the point of it all in "The Bad Clown". Car-Key Production's second short feature turns to a darker hue than last year's "Raleigh Hastings" but, as in the earlier film, the absurd nature of life is examined. This time via a Bad Clown and a cocktail waitress with a bit of an attitude.           
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          t h e  b a d  c l o w n  c a s t  a n d  c r e w        
Randy Luckey  Jaime Collins

Terry Bolling  |  Blake Laramie  |  Gina Cinardo  |  Todd Luckey  |  Colleen Luckey  |  Josh Carro  |  Dave "Sparky" Toth  |  J.S. James  |  Zippy  |  Tim Sealy  |  Wednesday The Monkey

Directed | Mike Carro
Written | Randy Luckey
Cameras | Mike Carro & Blake Laramie
Boom & Grip | Jackie Carro
Edited | Mike Carro & Randy Luckey
Music | Steve Sondheim, Tim Sealy & Randy Luckey
Music Performance | Tim Sealy
Make-Up | Gina Cinardo
Lighting | Mike Carro & Gina Cinardo
Bagels | Terry Bolling

Shot on location at (and a Huge Thank You to) Sugar Daddys’ Bar.  3102 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ.  Thank You again and again...
          n o t e s  a n d  t h a n k s        
  The cast & crew members are much the same as our last effort, 'raleigh hastings'. director Mike Carro and writer Randy Luckey team up. along with Mike's wife, Jacqueline Gina Cinardo again supplies make-up, f/x & input on all sides of everything and always brings a new perspective to things. A huge Thank You is in order to Blake Laramie for casting help. He's very helpful whenever we're in need. Lastly a nod to Tim Sealy for adding the vocal parts on the song used. We've rewritten the lyrics to Sondheim's 'Send In The Clowns' to suit our purposes. It's added a new spin to the film and the song. 

The Phoenix Film Festival sponsored its Annual 48 Hour Film Festival and we're happy to say we were found among those participating.  "The Bad Clown" was completed and submitted into the competition. 

  As one would assume in a 48 hour film competition, the film must be shot, edited and delivered the following day. All fell into place in a relatively easy manner as cast, crew, shooting locale and the like were put into place.

All filming was done on July 23rd, 'o5 with editing taking place the following day. The film's premiere was August 5th where we picked up the award for "The Best Use Of Song."  

A huge Thank You go out to one and all who've been so kind as to help out on project. As has been the case in the past, the best part of the process is working with wonderful people. It's been a great experience. 

          " a  t e r r i b l e  c l o w n "  l y r i c s        

Lyrics for 'A Terrible Clown' (aka 'Send In The Clowns')

rewritten by Randy Luckey & Tim Sealy


Isn't it weird?   Isn't it queer?

Killing a clown in a bar and nobody cares

He'd still be around if he weren't a bad clown

Such a bad clown     An awful clown

A really bad clown

A terrible clown

Isn't it weird?   Isn't it queer?

Krispy is dead on the floor & nobody cares

He'd still be around if he weren't a bad clown